This command will give you all of the commands avaible! You can also do !help [Command] and get help on specific commands.

!contact [Message]

This command will contact the owner with a dm!

!8ball [Prediction]

This command is just a fun little game to play with your friends!

!auction [Starting Bid] [Quantity] [Item] [A Description]

This is a whole auction system. To start and auction use this command. To end an auction do !auctionend and it will end it. To check if there are any auctions you can do !auctioncheck and it will DM you if there are any auctions or not. To bid on an auction do !bid to bid money on the auction.

!ban [Player]

This will ban a player on the server!

!kick [Player]

This will kick a player on the server!

!clear [Amount]

This will clear messages on the server!

!setgame [Name Of Game]

This will set what the bot is playing on the server!


Feast Your Eyes

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  • "This bot works great for our needs! It does everything from doing cleaning up the servers to admin tools to help punish players to games."

    Team GL11 - Overwatch Comp Team
  • "One of the most exciting plugins ive used! Love the commands and layouts."

    Donut - Donutz Server

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